We are a full service Gun Shop

Just some of our service specialties. For the best service and guaranteed results visit us and pick our brains for the ultimate knowledge in firearms maintenance tips and advice.

This is just a partial list of the services I offer, we are a full service shop that can fulfill all of your firearms needs.

  • Gun cleaning and inspection
  • Repair of most makes and models
  • General gunsmithing of all rifles, handguns & shotguns
  • Trigger work
  • Full action jobs
  • Rifle accurizing
  • Pistol & revolver accurizing
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Fire & flood restoration
  • Revolver & pistol tuning
  • Rifle tune up
  • Stock refinishing
  • Stock repairs
  • Stock bedding
  • Stock fitting
  • Scope mounting
  • Sight work for rifle and handgun
  • Shotgun sight beads and center beads
  • Shotgun choke work
  • Rib straightening
  • Recoil pads installation

This is a photo of a new firing pin and the one I took out of the rifle,  The customer was shooting someone else's "hot" hand loads in it, when a primer failed and enough gas came back through the firing pin hole to burn the end right off the firing pin!!!!!

 Lesson learned.  If you want a hotter round get a bigger gun.

This is a Remington trigger assembly that quit working because of all the old oil in it had turned to varnish.

A Browning BPS that came in with a lot of surface rust, we used a matt black DuraCoat on it to give it new life. DuraCoat it a very durable applied finish that is available in almost any color or camo finish.

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