New extra power hammer spring for Benelli and Beretta shotguns

These will give you positive ignition in all weather.

Give you added reliability.

Give you a consistent trigger pull.

This will also help if your firing pin hits off center  with a more positive firing pin strike.

New from Apex Tactical - Make your Smith & Wesson M&P shoot the way it should. Drop-in replacements for factory components enhance reliability and optimize the performance of your M&P for different applications.

Competition Kit yields a smooth, consistent, trigger pull of slightly less than 3 lbs., with shorter over-travel and faster reset than a factory-stock M&P. Retain the factory sear spring to get a slightly heavier 3½ lb. pull. Designed for IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3-gun, and similar types of action shooting competition. Not for duty, carry, or self-defense applications.

Duty/Carry Kit delivers a smooth, consistent 5½ lb. trigger pull with less over-travel and shorter reset. Improves performance of your pistol while maintaining its safety features for daily carry. Retain the factory sear spring to get a slightly lighter 5 lb. pull. Both kits engineered for a drop-in fit, though gunsmith installation is recommended.